Justice Acts FranceJustice Acts France was started in 2014 in partnership with Justice Acts International based in S. Africa. We focus on the prevention and intervention aspects of counter-human trafficking. We are also looking for long-term solutions for those who are able to step into freedom from prostitution.

Human trafficking is an enormous, multi-faceted problem resulting in 20-30 million “modern-day” slaves.  Fighting it requires networks of people in all spheres of society, doing what is in their area of expertise, to bring it to an end.

To facilitate this we are involved in the following areas:

Training: We believe that bringing greater awareness and understanding of the reality and the breadth of this issue will encourage many people to enter the battle on some level. We want to see people in all spheres of society working towards seeing justice done and human trafficking brought to an end. We can each step out and use what is already “in our hand”- our skills, experience and expertise.

Outreach: We work with a local association that goes out regularly to bring hope and joy to women and men trapped in prostitution. Weekly visits to the streets as well as other activities enable us to connect and bring them help in a variety of ways. We also lead a weekly afternoon Bible study for those women who are interested.

Networking: Human trafficking is run and sustained by international networks of people in a variety of roles. We believe that to fight it, we must also be part of networks across Europe and into Africa as well as around France. We work to build relationships with those in these nations who are involved in similar work for the purpose of sharing, support and providing practical help.

Prayer: We believe prayer is a powerful force, enabling us to connect with God’s loving heart towards the victims of human trafficking. In the place of intercession, we are able to bring heaven to earth and find creative strategies for the on-going battle.